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Black Spike ST

Because softer surfaces represent a unique set of resonance control challenges, Gryphon offers the Black Spike ST (Steel Tip), fitted with a precision-tooled steel tip for optimal energy transfer to a softer underlying surface.

The height of each steel tip can be adjusted individually for perfect levelling.

Gryphon Atlas Spikes – Right to the Point

While it is generally accepted that audio equipment benefits from strict resonance control, there are two schools of thought on how best to achieve this end:

1. Absorption/dispersion, using padded contact areas, springs, viscous damping, soft, rubbery feet, etc., to convert resonances to heat.
2. Mechanical earthing, using spikes or cones to divert resonances away from vibration-sensitive components (speakers, disc player, DAC, amplifier, turntable, cable/satellite TV box, etc.) where they could do audible harm.

Unfortunately, many accessories in the first category, while claiming to provide vibration isolation, typically offer a largely random combination of coupling and decoupling of the audio component to the underlying surface. Because of the different resonant frequencies of the materials employed, they will have highly variable impact on energy transfer and, consequently, exert unpredictable influence on musical performance.

Gryphon Atlas Spikes are assembled from carefully selected parts made of Polyoxymethylene (POM), aluminium and tempered steel. Extensive listening tests confirm that the mechanical characteristics of this specific combination of materials make it an ideal, one-way conduit for resonances.