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After years of research yielded our State-of-the-Art Vanta cables, what did Gryphon do for an encore? We distilled most of Vanta’s breakthrough performance into a more compact, flexibleand cost-effective cable series. Designed to excel with our more accessible components, Rosso approaches Vanta’s perfection, enabling virtually all Gryphon customers to enjoy the sonic splendor of an all-Gryphon system.

Having manufactured our own cables since 1985, Gryphon believes that audio perfection requires control of every variable in the signal path. Gryphon not only manufactures all components in the audio system, we also continue to push the state-of-the-art in every product category. Recently, advancements in metallurgy and dielectric materials have made it possible to develop newer, higher-performance cable products. Gryphon is proud to introduce Rosso: a revolution in Gryphon Cable Production.

Rosso shares its design, materials and construction details with our State-of-the-Art Vanta product, the principal differences being the number and gauge of conductors, as well as the gorgeous “Gryphon Red” jackets unique to Rosso. As with Vanta, Rosso embodies our corporate statement in cable technology and performance. It has been designed to provide the most natural, musical solution for connecting Gryphon audio components, even when compared to much more expensive offerings from other brands. Designed for smaller systems, Rosso enable all Gryphon customers to realize the significant benefits of an all-Gryphon playback chain. Compared to the top products from other fine cable companies, both Rosso and Vanta represent a higher performance, lower cost solution.

Like Vanta, Rosso cables feature construction and quality control at the highest levels in the audio industry. Rosso is terminated with rigorously selected audio grade connectors, custom-designed toGryphon’s proprietary specifications by the leading manufactures in the world, including Oyaide for AC Power Cables and Neutrik for signal connection, identical to those specified for Vanta. From cutting to preparation to soldering of terminations, every step of the production process is performed in-house, with connectors silver-soldered to our unique G7 Silver-Gold conductors under a high-power microscope,ensuring that all connections are perfectly terminated, with nothing left to chance: another example of how no expense has been spared making Rosso the best an audio cable can be.

The Drive

In addition to designing and manufacturing our own cable systems, all point-to-point wiring used inside every Gryphon component features precisely the same metallurgy and insulation used in Rosso, making the choice of Gryphon signal cables even more logical. For the same reason we author our own speakers, source components and equipment stands, the creation of Rosso epitomizes Gryphon’s “Systems Design Concept,” in which no link in the playback chain is left to chance.

The simple truth is that the laws of physics that govern impedance, inductance, capacitance and hysteresis also predict audio performance. Gryphon Audio Designs have identified the parameters which influence the sound quality of cables in our systems. While many well-regarded cable manufacturers emphasize exotic windings, complex geometries, oversized conductor gauges or passivecompensation and filter networks, we believe such complexity can actually prove detrimental, both to sound quality and component reliability. Gryphon’s long history has been predicated upon achieving complete sonic neutrality in our active components and these same qualities—low impedance, low inductance, low capacitance and ultra-wide bandwidth—govern our cable design. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Engineering cables which optimize these specifications is less simple. Gryphon has spent years investigating conductors, dielectrics, jacketing, geometries and terminations to achieve the perfectionembodied in Rosso. The Rosso Phono Cable, for example, was tuned by both scientific testing and critical listening, resulting in a 0.2 mm thinner conductor which simultaneously improved sound quality and lowered resistance by 70%: an essential factor in preserving the delicate cartridge signal. While Rosso shares construction and materials specification with Vanta, the precise specification of conductor gauges, insulation thicknesses and other design details are unique to Rosso, which therefore stands on its own as a monument in High End Cable Design.

As with Vanta and Gryphon’s internal wiring, Rosso benefits from the finest conductors available: a mix of hyper-pure silver alloyed with nearly 10% pure gold, a unique and precious alloy designated “G7.” Silver is the lowest-resistance, highest-conductivity metal available; however, it is also quite brittle and develops “Micro-fractures” in its surface which impede signal flow, a problem which worsens over time. Gryphon’s solution—a profoundly expensive one—is to add a large quantity of pure gold to the silver. In addition to its other ideal electrical characteristics (corrosion resistance, for example), gold is among the most ductile elements, a single ounce capable of stretching a distance of one mile. The combination of Gold and Silver creates a material which combines maximum conductivity with ideal flexibility; what’s more, this alloy improves electrically over time, providing better measured and sonic performance the longer you own it.

The crystalline purity of the unique, G7 alloy employed in all Gryphon conductors results in fewer crystal boundaries and eliminates distortion caused by amplitude-dependent signal transmission. Unlike more conventional cables which distort high frequencies due to crystal impurities in the conductor wire, Gryphon cables provide pure, open high frequencies and a natural, non-resonant tonal quality across the audio range. Idealized geometry of solid-core, Helically-arrayed conductor groups using PTFE (Teflon) insulation separated by Teflon tubes maintains perfect mechanical integrity and vibration control regardless of bend radius or ambient vibrational energy. These conductor groupings are surrounded with a braided silver-copper shield to eliminate noise and interference, then wrapped in a durable, vibration-absorbent polyurethane jacket.

With no intrinsic colorations and no bias in favor of specific frequency bands, Rosso possesses a unique level of tonal coherence from deep, detailed bass up through the rich, open midrange and culminating inthe airy transparency of the highest frequencies. Through careful selection of ultra-pure conductors and dielectrics, proven geometry, ultimate construction quality and extreme mechanical stability, Gryphon Audio cables dramatically reduce noise, grunge and coloration, revealing the natural space, dimensionality, tone and dynamics of the original musical performance. Gryphon cables are NOT designed as filters but as conduits, created to let more of the music through.

The gryphon DNA

The Gryphon design philosophy expressed in the sonic beauty of our amplifiers, source components and loudspeakers also defines our Rosso cables. They occupy the pinnacle of Gryphon cable design and represent a revolutionary step forward in Gryphon Cable Technology. Rosso Series offers Speaker Cables, Interconnects, Phono Cables and Power Cords, each of which has been designed, measured and subjectively evaluated to provide uncompromising performance, not only when utilized in Gryphon systems, but when partnered with other products that prize accuracy and neutrality.

As with all other Gryphon components, great emphasis has been placed on aesthetic perfection. In-house designs for connectors, the “Gryphon Red” jacket chosen for Rosso and “Breakout Boxes” not only maximize performance but provide a level of aesthetic fine-tuning available with no other cable products.With their handsome exteriors and bespoke connectors, Gryphon Cables are the final link in a perfect playback chain. Their breathtaking performance is the perfect complement to any High End audio systemand an indispensable asset for Gryphon system owners.




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