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Amplified Performance, Gryphon Style

The Gryphon System Concept: it distinguishes Gryphon from all other high-end marques. It means that Gryphon not only offers every link of the playback chain but have obsessed over the quality of each, ensuring our systems’ performance transcend the simple sum of their parts. Most recently, Gryphon have turned our attention to the importance of proper component furniture. Charged with both Isolating the component from room-borne energy while evacuating vibrational energy created within the chassis is a complex job, one which only a handful of designers have every addressed and even fewer have mastered.

StandArt is Gryphon’s complete solution to component housing, display and vibration control. Inspired by the circuit damping system developed for our state-of-the-art Commander Preamplifier, StandArt offers a wholistic approach to vibration control combined with infinite expandability and the exquisitely beautiful visual aesthetics that are a hallmark of all Gryphon products.

The Drive

Baked into its stunning silhouette, StandArt combines rigidity, mass and materials engineering to achieve the ideal mechanical ecosystem for all Gryphon electronics. A modular system of vertical columns and horizontal shelves, Gryphon StandArt offers unrestricted potential for expansion, both vertically and horizontally, as your system evolves. Matching stands are available in your Custom-sized to fit your Gryphon Apex, Mephisto, Antileon EVO or Essence power amplifiers, matching, single-shelf amp stands further extend the versatility of StandArt.

Each Gryphon StandArt shelf is an engineering masterpiece, a sophisticated energy attenuation platform specifically designed to absorb micro-vibrations from sensitive audio and video components; as a result, performance is enhanced in such crucial areas as image focus, spatial definition, bass clarity and dynamic detail. Originally conceived to optimize the signal circuitry of our flagship Commander preamplifier, the StandArt Shelf is a constrained-layer-damped sandwich consisting of a top plate of Kerrock® and a bottom layer of compressed, Ultra-High-Density Fiberboard joined by a thin, resonance-absorbing layer of highly viscous bitumen for optimal resonance control and mechanical damping. (Kerrock® is a non-porous, homogeneous material, composed of one-third acrylic resin (also known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA), and two-thirds natural minerals.)

This sandwich construction dissipates vibration by absorbing kinetic energy and converting it into low-grade frictional heat. Because of its high molecular density, the Bitumen layer has energy-absorbing properties roughly equivalent to adding an MDF layer of three times its thickness. The differences in thickness and resonant characteristics of the three layers ensure audibly superior damping of vibration.

Available in three different heights (548mm, 800mm and 1124mm), StandArt columns are machined from heavy, non-magnetic aluminum and filled with a custom blend of oven-dried sand-particles to increase mass and elevate the overall performance of the stand. Each column terminates in a dual-layer Gryphon Black Spike ST for ideal Mechanical Grounding and low noise floor.

Gryphon’s Only Recipe

Conceived as artwork, crafted for a lifetime and engineered to perform, StandArt honors the Gryphon design ethos and makes a statement of enduring quality in its product class.

As a gilded frame distinguishes a fine painting, StandArt provides the final aesthetic flourish for your Gryphon system. But beauty is only the beginning: like all Gryphon products, every sonic and aesthetic detail has been carefully considered and relentlessly refined. Thanks to the strengths of Constrained Layer Damping, Mechanical Grounding, optimized rigidity and Mass-Loading, StandArt coaxes the last bit of audio performance from Gryphon components.

Put your Gryphon on a pedestal. Our Pedestal. StandArt.


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Awards 2021 – Equipment Stand Of The Year

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