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Gryphon’s Space Mission

As every component in the audio playback chain is relentlessly improved, the listening room has become “The Final Frontier” in the quest for perfect sound. Gryphon’s mission was to develop a compact, visually stunning loudspeaker specifically designed to achieve Full-Range High-End performance in small spaces which are typically inhospitable to ultimate audio performance.

Our answer to this challenge is EOS 2, a state-of-the-art loudspeaker conceived from its inception to bring state-of-the-art sonics to small, acoustically challenging rooms. For the first time, EOS 2 makes it possible to achieve truly world-class sound in small rooms. For urbanites, apartment dwellers and everyone whose budget and audio aspirations exceed their space limitations, EOS 2 offers the ideal solution to a previously unsolvable problem.

The Drive

One of Gryphon’s historic strengths has been our “Systems approach” to HiFi: by designing every link in the playback chain, we achieve a level of system synergy that is otherwise not possible. Recently, we’ve introduced breakthrough amplifier technology—first with Essence and then Apex—then redefined preamplifier performance with Commander. Gryphon’s Vanta and Rosso represent a dramatic step forward in cable metallurgy while our StandArt equipment racks elevate audio furniture to a higher level of both sonics and aesthetics. Now, we proudly present EOS 2: a revolution in compact loudspeaker design.

EOS delivers innovative solutions to delivering big speaker sound in small rooms. First among these is EOS’ unique “Stealth” enclosure, whose purpose-engineered front baffle enables the drivers to yield smooth dispersion and uniform energy output, as well as a more holographic soundstage, EOS’ Stealth exterior/cabinet has been sculpted to function as an efficient diffusor of in-room standing waves—a powerful advantage in small spaces—while the interior has been critically shaped to emitigate back-wave turbulence and cabinet resonance. Gryphon’s proprietary “Line porting” technology, a new way of guiding the woofer’s back wave to the ports, ensures a perfect pathway for low frequencies to exit the cabinet while providing efficient damping of frequencies above the 60-80 Hz region. The result is shockingly fast and clean bass reproduction with in-room output to below 30 Hz. Gryphon’s mandate to maximize room compatibility and placement flexibility yielded three additional design flourishes: EOS 2 has been designed for near-wall placement, delivering smooth and accurate response when placed less than 12” (0.35 meter) from the back wall; it can be either front- or rear-ported by means of removable port plugs; finally, a three-position phase switch ensures ideal treble response at the listening position. Taken together, these three features enable unmatched versatility in speaker placement.

Although EOS 2 is Gryphon’s most affordable loudspeaker, it offers uncompromising parts and build quality. Our proprietary woofer features a Thin-ply Carbon Fibre cone manufactured to our specifications by the world’s leading fabricator of Formula 1 assemblies. EOS’ tweeter—also an in-house, proprietary design—uses a large (34mm) Beryllium dome and resonance-free rear enclosure for enhanced dynamics and low-end response. Hand-assembled from the finest electrical components, our PCS (Progressive Curved Slope) crossover maximizes power handling and ensures a seamless transition between drivers. Featuring 91 dB efficiency and “Stiff” 4 Ohm impedance, EOS 2 presents an easy load for virtually all high quality power amplifiers. The complex EOS 2 enclosure is locally handcrafted to the same high standards as fine Danish furniture, with each cabinet scrupulously inspected by the Gryphon Quality Control team. Evocative of Gryphon’s State-of-the-Art Kodo and Trident II loudspeakers, EOS’ elegant, stringed front grille combines beauty and driver protection with acoustic transparency.

A Real-World Reference

As urban living becomes more desirable—and more expensive—a growing number of successful individuals find themselves crowded into smaller spaces at higher prices. Attracted to the cultural diversity which cities provide, these music- and movie-loving city dwellers have an insatiable desire for fine sound but are often forced to compromise performance to fit their living spaces. Cosmopolites who yearn to fill their limited spaces with unlimited sound will find EOS 2 the ultimate listening tool: beautiful, easy to drive and purpose engineered to perform in spaces where other speakers can’t.

As Gryphon’s new entry-level loudspeaker, EOS 2 not only revolutionizes small-room performance but makes it possible to assemble an “Ultra-Luxe” music system at a price that was previously unattainable. Combine EOS 2 with a Diablo 333 Integrated Amplifier and Rosso cabling for an accessible super-system whose aesthetic beauty and pride of ownership is surpassed only by its matchless musicality. EOS 2: bringing big-system sound to small spaces.




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