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There has never been a loudspeaker like EOS 5

Thanks to new and unprecedented engineering solutions, EOS 5 achieves seemingly contradictory goals: compact and placement-friendly yet possessed of full-frequency-range performance, highly efficient yet capable of massive power handling and prodigious volume output, liquid and fatigue-free yet ruthlessly revealing of associated equipment, EOS 5 is the ultimate speaker when space is the only limitation.

The Drive

Building upon technologies developed for Gryphon’s revolutionary EOS 2, Gryphon engineers embarked on an even more daunting task: developing a state-of-the-art reference loudspeaker that embodied the ethos and design aesthetic of its smaller sibling. Standing just 1.3 meters tall, the larger EOS 5 delivers Full Frequency Range performance (20-40,000 Hz, +2 dB) and shattering dynamic capability in a compact, visually stunning package designed for extreme placement versatility and room-friendliness. Achieving this enormous performance envelope in a small package required technologies which did not previously exist. All four drivers are breakthrough designs which are bespoke to EOS 5: the 6.5” Midrange and dual 9.5” Woofers utilize the TPCD™ (Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Diaphragm) cone construction and Gryphon’s proprietary Impulse Optimizer Rings: performance advancements which first appeared in EOS 2. As with EOS 2, the cones are manufactured by one of the world’s leading fabricators of Formula 1 components while a smaller (29mm) Beryllium Dome Tweeter has been purpose-engineered to complement EOS 5’s higher mid-treble crossover point. Great attention has been paid to maintaining linear phase response across the entire frequency spectrum, contributing to the EOS 5’s seamless, transparent sound. Hand-assembled from the finest electrical components, our PCS (Progressive Curved Slope) crossover maximizes power handling and ensures the smoothest possible transition between drivers. Engineered to present an easy amplifier load, 90 dB sensitivity is coupled with a 4 Ohm nominal, 2.9 Ohm minimum impedance.

Visually, EOS 5 shares the jewel-like cabinet aesthetic created for its smaller sibling. This critically-shaped “Stealth” enclosure has the secondary function of diffusing standing waves, which helps the speaker “Disappear” within the listening room. Internally, a new Line-Dampened Porting System offers a unique solution to smoothing airflow in this larger, wider-bandwidth loudspeaker. Like the EOS 2, the new EOS 5 benefits from design flourishes which enhance placement versatility across a wide range of listening environments. Once again, Gryphon’s custom-manufactured, adjustable spikes are equipped with removeable, integrated dampers to provide the most stable speaker positioning on any flooring surface, either with or without carpeting. A quartet of proprietary binding posts—the same found on our Apex Power Amplifiers—enable the choice of single- or Bi-wiring. The complex EOS 5 enclosure is locally handcrafted to the same high standards as fine Danish furniture and like all Gryphon loudspeakers, EOS 5’s elegant, stringed front grille combines beauty and driver protection with complete acoustical transparency.

Two of the colors—Soul Red Crystal and High Gloss Black—developed for EOS 2 are joined here by a remarkable new finish: “S-Mat Black.” A next-generation, matte black paint used with EOS 5 for the first time in loudspeaker manufacture.

Limitless Performance, Distilled

For nearly 40 years, Gryphon has been world-renowned for State-of-the-Art HiFi creations that redefine the limits of performance…and size. In the realm of loudspeakers, our Kodo and Trident II systems deliver limitless sonic capabilities without regard for commercial constraints. By contrast, the new Gryphon EOS 5 approaches the potential of our Major Statement offerings in a compact, room-friendly package engineered to excel in virtually any domestic environment.

Those audio connoisseurs whose quest for the best is tempered by space considerations have found their icon: EOS 5 by Gryphon.



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