The Statement

Four Towers.
38 Drivers.
3,000 Pounds.

What do you value most in a loudspeaker: Limitless frequency range? Thunderous dynamics? Expansive soundstaging with 3D imaging? Whatever aspect of sound reproduction connects you to the music, Kodo exceeds your expectations. From its inception, Kodo was created with a single goal: to remove all compromises from speaker design. Like Apex and Commander, Kodo is free of all commercial constraints, designed without regard to size, cost or complexity, with every aspect of performance considered and optimized. It is at once a celebration of excess and homage to perfection. It is also, we believe, the most sonically complete, musically satisfying speaker available.

The Drive

In both aesthetics and construction, Kodo embodies all the hallmarks of fine Danish furniture. Its four, gracefully curved enclosures require 110 hours of artisanal hand craftsmanship to complete. Designed to complement any décor or owner preference, detachable “Wings” allow an unlimited range of finish options, making each pair unique to its owner. (Carbon-Fiber has proven a popular option.)

The components housed in these cabinets are even more special: all 38 drivers have been custom designed for Kodo and are exclusive to Gryphon. Each Bass Tower utilizes eight 8” woofers which combine massive output and extension with remarkable speed and agility. A specially designed Gryphon amplifier has been purpose-engineered to maximize the performance of these drivers. While most bass amplifiers are inexpensive switching designs, a 1000-watt (4000 watt, 4.5 Hp peak power) Gryphon-built, class AB Amplifier handles each Kodo Bass Tower, facilitating linear output to a subterranean 16 Hz. And because speakers don’t play in a vacuum, Active Q Control—a Gryphon exclusive—enables Kodo’s prodigious bass to be custom-tailored to each listener’s room.

The second pair of Kodo Towers handles all signals above 250Hz, dividing frequencies between six 5.5” lower midrange drivers and four 4.5” upper midrange drivers, all symmetrically arrayed around our AMT (Air-Motion Transformer) Tweeter. With 96 dB Sensitivity and a stiff 4 Ohm impedance, Kodo will excel with any high quality amplifier the user prefers. Remarkably, all Kodo drivers are in-phase at all times, an accomplishment that no other speaker manufacturer can claim, thanks to Duelund Constant Phase technologies. Based on the seminal work of Danish mathematician Steen Duelund, Kodo’s ideal phase behavior is the result of custom-built crossover components created by Gryphon in close collaboration with the world’s finest driver manufacturers, as well as concave, curved front baffles which enable a direct angled, time-aligned system with identical distance from the listener to the acoustic center of each driver.

“The Best” In Every Way

No expense has been spared to make Kodo not only the best-performing loudspeaker ever produced but to make it a uniquely complete product: sculpturally beautiful and at home in any environment, customizable through an unlimited range of finish options, with user adjustments that enable it to flourish in rooms where other full range speakers can’t, Kodo is the only “Major Statement” loudspeaker designed to perform in real-world environments. Though impressive in both size and output, Kodo presents music with extreme delicacy, transparency and a palpable cohesiveness that only a phase-perfect loudspeaker can deliver. Of course, if you like your music loud and your bass deep, we know you’ll be satisfied….





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