The Essential Phono Stage


Three years ago, Gryphon forever changed Ultra-Luxe Audio with the introduction of Apex and Commander: a Power Amplifier and Preamplifier whose performance and sound quality represented significant improvements from all previous designs. Combined with our State-of-the-Art Kodo Loudspeaker System, Ethos DAC/Transport and Vanta cabling, Apex and Commander deliver a level of system synergy beyond all other High End Systems. The recent introduction of Gryphon PowerZone extended this excellence even farther, virtually eliminating AC Power issues. Now, the introduction of Siren, the Ultimate Phono Preamplifier, adds the next component to the world’s finest audio system.Those connoisseurs who understand the magic lurking in the grooves of the vinyl LP will find Siren the essential audio component.

The Drive

Siren shares its sculptural “Nordic Noir” aesthetic with Apex and Commander. Its 4.3” TFT capacitive touch screen with 4mm hardened glass panel is identical to Commander’s, as is its Dual-Mono Power Supply Unit (PSU), which offers a power reservoir whose size and quality is unprecedented in a Phono Preamplifier. Weighing over 83 lbs (38 kg), Siren’s massive PSU features local, fully regulated power supplies for all sensitive voltage amplifying stages. These ultra-lownoise circuits provide a deep black background: the ideal foundation for ultimate phono performance. In addition to separate left- and right-channel power supplies, a third, purpose-engineered supply for all digital functions keeps Digital and Analog circuits totally separate, all the way back to the AC Cords.


Like Apex and Commander, Siren boasts four-layer Printed Circuit Boards with 70µ copper traces: more than twice the thickness of competitive components. These Boards are stuffed with the finest parts available for audio use, including Mundorf MCap ZN Capacitors, low inductance resistors from Vishay, matched transistors from ROHM and ultra-low noise transistors from ZETEX. Sensitive audio circuitry is floated on aproprietary, internal isolation base which employs “Constrained Layers” of Kerrock, Bitumen and steel to optimize component damping and eliminate smearing of fine detail.


A hallmark of all Gryphon components, Siren’s circuit topology features true Dual Mono configuration as well as Zero Global Negative Feedback. And since the phono cartridge is the only true-balanced signal in the audio playback chain, Siren preserves signal integrity by employing a fully discrete, fully balanced circuit topology: a hallmark of Gryphon Phono Preamplifier design for more than 30 years! Befitting a state-of-the-art component, extreme measures have been taken to ensure ultra-low noise operation. Minimal internal wiring and the use of specially selected, PC-Mount XLR and RCA connectors further minimize noise and wiring while enhancing product consistency and longevity.


Siren has been designed for versatility and pleasure of use as well as ultimate audio performance. In order to maximize system flexibility, Siren includes four user-selectable inputs—three XLR and one RCA—to delight the most ambitious analog lovers. MC Load Impedance as well as input can be chosen from the remote handset. 12V Buss Links simplify system power-up and power-down, while a rear-panel USB 2.0 Socket enables simple Firmware Upgrades.

Your Analog Destination

Whether judged by sound quality, aesthetic beauty, build quality or user-friendliness, Siren represents a new standard in analog playback and occupies the pinnacle of Phono Preamplifier design. For those who have the desire and means to own the best in analog playback, there is only one choice. Siren by Gryphon: experience it.




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“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.”



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