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Gryphon Audio Designs proudly announces the release of a whole new series of cables. It is the very top of the line from Gryphon and it is a new evolutionary step in Gryphon Cable Production. The VANTA Series will offer Speaker Cables, Interconnects, Power Cords and finally Digital Cables as well.

The VANTA Cables offers you the ultimate solution in cable technology and performance. It is a benchmark and the most natural solution when connecting audio components.

All VANTA Cables are terminated with carefully selected audio grade connectors from some of the leading manufactures in the world, such as Oyaide and Neutrik. The connectors are soldered to the Silver-Gold conductors under microscope to make sure that all connections are soldered to perfection. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is thought through to the very last detail… As we tend to say: “The devil lies in the detail”.

2020 not only marks the 35th Anniversary of Gryphon Audio Designs, but also 35 years of cable manufacturing at Gryphon Audio Designs.

VIP Reference Series

As a necessary consequence of the introduction of the latest generation of Gryphon electronics, the Mirage preamplifier and Colosseum power amplifiers, Gryphon has created the all-new VIP Reference cable series, an audiophile range with ultra-pure conductors and select dielectric materials optimised for the free flow of music. Extreme low noise and high resolution are achieved through careful scrutiny of the electro-dynamics of field geometry.

Rigid mechanical construction and unstressed conductors of the purest metals are employed. Crystalline purity ensures fewer crystal boundaries and eliminates distortion caused by amplitude-dependent signal transmission.

Multiple layers of insulation contribute to uniform pressure on the conductors and effectively eliminate the “acoustic memory” of insulating materials, which in other cables causes smearing and degraded impulse response.

Uncompromisingly neutral with no intrinsic colourations and no bias in favour of specific frequency bands, Gryphon VIP Reference cables possess a unique level of tonal coherence from deep, detailed bass up through the rich, open midrange to the airy transparency of the highest frequencies.

The Gryphon VIP Reference Series consists of the VIP M5 Powercord, VIP Interconnect and VIP Speakercable.

Guideline Reference Interconnect

Incorporating conductors of gold-embedded silver for unimpeded electron propagation, Gryphon Guideline Reference employs a dielectric consisting of thousands of minute air-core Teflon fiber tubes wound around the conductors, then wrapped in a tight Teflon sheath. For effective protection against external interference, the shield features a thick layer of silver-plating. A molded outer sleeve of homopolymeric Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) contributes to the exceptionally rigid construction.

Owners of supremely neutral and transparent audio systems will immediately recognize Gryphon Guideline Reference as the new reference standard for dynamic contrast, three-dimensional soundstaging and bass clarity and articulation.


Curiously, exotic cables continue to be regarded in wide circles as beyond the outer limits of hi-fi tweakery. Animosity toward the very concept of audible differences between wires sometimes becomes so heated that threats of legislation to outlaw the sale of such products have been put forward by seemingly rational individuals.

Specialist power cables are a particular object of derision based on the specious argument that the final few meters of cable between the wall socket and your equipment can only have minimal impact compared to the many miles of cheap, thin, aging wire between your home and the power station.

This argument misses the point entirely.

If we all could actually see the field of mains-born noise, harmonics and Radio Frequency interference that hangs like a thick electronic haze over the domestic environment, there would be no further debate on the need for serious measures to counteract these forces.

Radiated electrical interference originates in neighbouring residences and industry as well as within your own home from sources such as electrical appliances, fluorescent light fixtures, computers, etc. The rapidly increasing number of digital audio and video components also contributes significant amounts of noise to the domestic power line.