Diablo 333

Perfection, Redefined


Integrated amplifiers have become the essential audio component, distilling sources, amp, preamp and interconnects into a single chassis. And since 2015, connoisseurs have revered the Gryphon Diablo 300 as the finest integrated amplifier ever produced and a genuine “Object of Desire.” Unanimously praised by critics and with thousands sold, it became High End Audio’s most coveted “Ultra-Luxe” integrated.

Surpassing the ‘300 was no easy feat; however, thanks to the engineering genius of Gryphon’s Chief Designer, Tom Moeller, the artistic sensibilities of Gryphon Founder Flemming Rasmussen as well as the development of cutting-edge component technologies, Gryphon has authored a new benchmark, better in virtually every respect than its iconic predecessor. A completely reimagined amplifier whose ideal feature set, aesthetic beauty, heirloom build quality and enormous performance envelope establish an unprecedented level of excellence. Gryphon proudly introduces Diablo 333: The World’s Finest Integrated Amplifier.

The Drive

Our new Integrated boasts ten percent more output power than its legendary predecessor, but there’s more to 333’s performance than wattage alone. Circuit advancements and parts from the new Apex and Commander, Gryphon’s flagship Amplifier and Preamplifier, have “Trickled-Down” to the Diablo 333. New, ultra-fast, pre-driver transistors deliver both enhanced musicality and superior measured performance while output devices—ten per channel—are identical to those found in our State-of-the-Art Apex. A massively augmented power supply distinguished by an oversized Holmgren Dual-Mono Transformer and 68,000uF per channel filter capacitance provide enormous dynamic headroom and explain the 333’s 50.6 Kg (112 lb) mass.

One look at the 333 and the Gryphon DNA is obvious: the triangular display panel with 4.3” TFT capacitive touch screen evokes the aesthetic created for Apex and Commander by Gryphon Founder Flemming Rasmussen, as do custom-made chassis spikes which enhance both mechanical stability and visual harmony. Also developed for Apex, Gryphon’s bespoke binding posts adorn the 333’s back panel, which also reveals a generous connector complement, including dual Subwoofer Outputs, a Tape Loop and the ability to select an XLR or RCA “Unity Gain” Home Theater throughput. Sculpted from billet aluminum, the remote handset from Commander replaces the “Wand” remote supplied with Diablo 300. A new, more intuitive menu structure enhances the user interface while a USB 2.0 socket on Diablo’s rear panel simplifies firmware upgrades.

As with the Diablo 300, the 333’s capabilities can be expanded with optional Phono and DAC modules. As befits an all-new amplifier, these modules have also been completely redesigned and their performance elevated. The PS-3 Phono Module features True Dual Mono Class A-coupled topology from input to output, with no global negative feedback and discrete balanced circuitry featuring matched transistor arrays. Gold-plated Neutrik XLR balanced input sockets replace the RCA sockets utilized in the previous generation PS-2S. MC load impedance can be set externally with left/right rear panel switches, versus the less convenient internal jumpers found on the PS-2S . MC/MM setting is front-panel selectable via the Diablo 333 menu. Gryphon’s new DAC-3 D/A MODULE incorporates the latest High-Performance Sabre DAC: the ES9039PRO. Seven user-selectable PCM digital roll-off filters are included, as are a full assortment of USB, AES/EBU, BNC and TOSLINK inputs. The 333’s USB input is compatible with all current Digital Audio Formats.

A New Icon

For music lovers fortunate enough to own a Diablo 300—as well as those of you who have dreamed of owning one—rest assured: the ‘300 remains one of the finest Integrated Amplifiers available, still outperforming newer and more expensive competitors. And yet, purists who quest for the best will find Diablo 333 superior in virtually every aspect of performance, connectivity and parts specification.

Every detail of its legendary predecessor has been scrutinized and, wherever possible, improved; as a result, The 333 now represents the pinnacle of Integrated Amplifier technology.

Diablo 333: the new definition of perfection.


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