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Forget everything you know about signal processing: compared to all other Power Conditioners, Gryphon PowerZone 3 introduces a unique and entirely superior way of improving the signal passing through it. In an electrical circuit, current flow is attended by micro-vibrations on a molecular level; basically, all current flow is, by definition, the transmission of energy through micro-vibrations. Following Paul Hafner’s theory and approach, the vibration of electrons in the conductor creates a series of minute resonances generated by the signal passing through it. Paul’s specific approach differentiates a Dynamic (variable) signal from a Static signal.


In a typical circuit, the transmission of a variable signal through a conductor creates uncontrolled resonance, analogous to aerodynamic turbulence, due to the random crystalline structure of the conductor through which the signal passes. The objective, then, is to optimize the flow of current within the signal path. By sending the power through focused and idealized crystalline conductor structures, PowerZone 3 optimizes the electrons’ vibrational flow and minimizes spurious resonances and the distortions they create. This is achieved by the proprietary HafnerTech™ conductor approach, a Patent-pending design comprised of adapted crystalline structures that facilitate this vibrational flow in an undisturbed way. As a result, because there is no loss of energy, this technology will produce no additional noise or heat. The objective of these conductors is to create a neutral, optimized environment through which the AC power can pass without introducing stress, confusion and distortion to the signal but enhance the speed and precision of the transmitted current.

Conceived by Paul Hafner, Founder of Quantum Acoustics SRL, Gryphon PowerZone 3 components utilize a series of HafnerTech™ Conductor Modules which have been purpose-engineered to achieve idealized transmission of the audio power signal. Based upon the principles of Quantum Acoustics Resonant Feedback Theory, these modules benefit from carefully adapted geometric structures at molecular level which guide the electrons’ vibrational flow. This is accomplished without any current limiting, filtering or active signal processing in order to preserve the integrity of the AC Signal. HafnerTech™ Modules are potted in resin to mitigate vibration and deliver the sort of heirloom build quality expected of all Gryphon components.

Audio components powered by a properly guided current flow will deliver vastly superior performance: the current will suffer less artifacts and restrictions resulting in a faster, smoother, more precise and cleaner performance. Even Room Acoustics will have a less deleterious influence upon sound quality, as rooms tend to disproportionally amplify the negative resonant characteristics of reproduced sound. The sonic improvements brought by Gryphon PowerZone 3 must be heard to be appreciated.


Great attention has been focused upon providing an optimal environment for the HafnerTech™ modules to flourish. HafnerTech™ modules are potted in resin to mitigate vibration and deliver the sort of heirloom build quality expected of all Gryphon components. The chassis themselves are crafted from Dual Layers whose steel cores are clad in aluminum exteriors, delivering vault-like solidity. PowerZone 3 further benefits from SmartStack™ technology, a patented compound developed by Denmark’s MENETA Group. PowerZone 3 is the first product outside the automotive industry to utilize this revolutionary material and PowerZone 3 enclosures benefit from a unique application of this technology, with measurements, calculations and simulations performed by MENETA Group in their Danish R&D facility. The result is a dramatic reduction in mechanical resonance achievable in no other way.


Gryphon PowerZone 3  is available in two models: the PZ3.10 offers eight State-of-the-Art Furutech AC Sockets and 20-Amp current capacity. Designed for the most ambitious systems, the PowerZone PZ3.20 offers two independent banks of four outlets each, for a total of 8 AC outlets and up to 40 Amps of Total Current Capacity. Both PowerZone 3 models implement Star Grounding. Significantly, all three “Legs” of the AC signal—Positive, Negative and Ground—are treated equally within Gryphon PowerZone 3, with each of the three “Legs” benefitting from conductive environments specifically adapted to their unique needs. All internal wiring is executed with 12 AWG silver-plated, OFC Copper with Teflon insulation. Consistency of performance is achieved by using WAGO connectors, ensuring that every AC Socket is electrically and sonically identical.


With PowerZone 3, the design and manufacturing expertise of Gryphon Audio Designs combine with the breakthrough technologies of Paul Hafner to achieve something unprecedented: a true breakthrough in audio performance which suffers none of the compromises by other power conditioning products. Audio Connoisseurs seeking the ultimate performance from their High-Fidelity Systems will find Gryphon PowerZone 3 the next quantum leap towards audio perfection.


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